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A perfect overnight stay

5-star hotel in Graz -
Luxury hotel Grand Hôtel Wiesler

What are 5 stars if you can have a "Grand" in front of the hotel? Some years ago Florian Weitzer and his team decided to say goodbye to the hotel rating and decided to go their own way. That doesn't mean less luxury, but more individuality.

A luxury hotel in Styria

Luxury in the Grand Hôtel Wiesler is meant to be in a very international context. The hotel is located in Graz in the middle of Europe and has grown over the years. At first it was a collection of inns, which Carl Wiesler eventually merged into a hotel. Over the years the 5-star hotel award was earned, but then voluntarily returned. And now it is a category of its own. Because it’s not about following the rules of the game, but about constantly reinventing yourself, remaining individual and surprising the guest. We rely on authentic details that Florian Weitzer personally selected with the greatest care.

Good for surprises

When you book a hotel, you always have expectations. Especially if it’s a luxury hotel right in the center of the city. Some come for a business trip, others to discover the city of Graz and others are on a pleasure trip – the Grand Hôtel Wiesler is offering something for everyone. There is no need for a 5-star sign in front of the hotel because luxury is not something that can be expressed with stars, white gloves or bellboys in livery. It’s a feeling you get conveyed, a feeling of being part of the spirit of time. A feeling of saying goodbye to old-fashioned clichés on the journey. A feeling of existing with style but without pretentiousness. And the Grand Hôtel Wiesler has the right setting for that. Far away from antiquated gestures but with genuine hospitality.

Personal service in Graz

A smile, a look, understanding and numerous practical tips. Service is extremely important for the charm of a hotel,  especially in a luxury hotel. Sincere cordiality, a feeling that you are welcome and that you would like to come back. For a weekend, a city trip or to spend a few summer days in Graz. But even when the nights are getting shorter and the Styrian weather is becoming less friendly, the Grand Hôtel Wiesler offers a feeling of warmth and security in the midst of design and good taste.

Oriental oasis on a 5 star level

Our spa area is hidden in the Art Nouveau rooms of the hotel. Here you can recharge your batteries in the midst of the hectic city. Accompanying features include the Arabic tea room, the sauna and the fresh air area. And that’s not a fairy tale from 1001 Nights or a Schehrezad, but the truth.

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