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International touch

The slightly different luxury hotel in Graz

Anyone who thinks of a luxury hotel quickly imagines white gloves opening the taxi door. Maybe the page is dressed in livery? At the reception you have to speak in an extra quiet tone out of courtesy to the other guests. When you think of a luxury hotel, you think of opulence, glitter and glory. But the Grand Hôtel Wiesler in Graz thinks luxury differently.

Fresh hotel, long history

Travelers have always come through the city of Graz because it lies on an important trade route from Vienna to the south. So the dealers came in via “Wienerstraße” and left the city again via “Triesterstraße”. Today’s Grand Hôtel Wiesler is located exactly on this route, which was not always so “grand”, but used to consist of several inns. In 1870 Carl Wiesler came along, bought them and combined them into a large hotel right in the center of Graz. Since then it has been a hotel. And everyone was welcome – no matter where they came from.

Graz: International touch

Graz is the second largest city in Austria. But with a few large companies, the university, festivals and congresses people from all over the world come to the city next to the river Mur. They live the international flair and love the uniqueness that the Grand Hôtel Wiesler has created for its guests. The cosmopolitan wind that blows through all the renovated rooms can be seen in the details or simply in the feeling that you have when you are spending a night here.

Details that make up the luxury in the hotel:


  1. Renovated room with bells and whistles

All 102 rooms in the Grand Hôtel Wiesler have been renovated. You can’t tell they’re 100 years old. They are modern, timeless and full of surprises. Among them is the sink, which we imported from Mexico or the vinyl record player for the soul feeling.

  1. Central location

Short distances are pure luxury these days. We also have a rush hour in Graz but it doesn’t affect the guests of the Grand Hôtel Wiesler, because they can explore virtually the entire old town by foot. The first address in town lives up to its name. Ideal for city breaks.

  1. Our references – celebrities and stars

Not only do we regularly receive many stars on all booking platforms. The stars also stay overnight with us. You can find the digitized version of our hotel guest book on our website. If you can’t wait, you’ll find a few prominent names here that were already our guests: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mick Jagger, Sido, Falco and many more.

  1. Only what makes us happy

We have traveled extensively ourselves and cannot be deceiced anymore. A modern, high-quality equipment is our starting point. Then we add elegance and cosmopolitanism. Our canvas, on which we can let off steam, is the Art Nouveau building that a student of Otto Wagner, namely Marcel Kammerer, built. This is our creative playground, where everyone is welcome. Young, old, small, big.

  1. Always changing

A light-footed Grand Hôtel? This is part of the agenda at the Wiesler. We like to change. Because only those who are in the flow develop. We remain cosmopolitan, we remain full of surprises and stand for something special. Because that is our definition of luxury.

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