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Magnificent and hip

Your hotel in the center of Graz

On a city trip or fully packed with great things that make business life easier. Who doesn't want to stay in the center? Since space is often limited in European cities, you have to do a thorough search to find the right hotel in the city center.

The right choice in Graz: Grand Hôtel Wiesler

That’s how it is in Graz – you have the left side of the river Mur, where you can find the main square, the town hall and many shops. But everyone knows them. On the other side of the Mur, just across the bridge, is the Grand Hôtel Wiesler. Calmly and with a little distance it observes the events from over there and also everything that is happening in the immediate vicinity. And there a lot has happened around the hotel in recent years. The “Kunsthaus” was turned into a bubble and is now a museum. Small, trendy shops opened their doors and one café after the other emerged. Thus, the Grand Hôtel Wiesler is right in the center of the scene in Graz and yet anything but far off the beaten path.

5 minutes walking distance from centre

Because as soon as you leave the white and red tiled lobby you are almost in the center. A just 5 minutes walk separate the Art Nouveau hotel from the center of Graz. Then you find yourself already in the middle of the world cultural heritage – the rooftop landscape of Graz. A place to meet, to linger and enjoy. That means most of the sights and shopping possibilities are just around the corner. Or in the case of the Grand Hôtel Wiesler over the bridge.

Grand Hôtel Wiesler: tradition with personality

The hotel in the center of Graz is run by the Weitzer family, who have been in the hotel business for more than 100 years. Already in the fourth generation Florian Weitzer is working as a visionary – he keeps reinventing himself and his hotels. Because in addition to the Grand Hôtel Wiesler, the Hotel Das Weitzer, the Hotel Daniel Graz, the Hotel Daniel Vienna and the Grand Ferdinand also belong to the family. Each hotel has its own coherent world and its own character which proofs that Florian Weitzer not only has great taste, but also knows how to implement it in a variety of ways. Because he thinks laterally, adjusts and reinvents himself.

Optimal accessibility in the center

If you are traveling by public transport, you can take the tram directly to the hotel. A parking garage is convenient for all drivers and the taxi stops in front of the front door anyway. All roads lead to the Grand Hôtel Wiesler. Because of its central location, the hotel has always been a magnet for guests from all over the world.

Prominent with celebrity

Naturally the team at the Grand Hôtel Wiesler is happy about every guest. But a few celebrities have marched through the lobby over the years and also signed the guest book. We are speaking of famous personalities like the Dalai Lama, Mick Jagger, Jennifer Lawrence or Joe Cocker. But the hotel itself is also a “celebrity”, because it even appears in the Asterix comic “Asterix auf Steirisch”. If you don’t believe it, it’s best to read it in our virtual guest book or come here and find out for yourself.

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